Ash (thrillkisser) wrote,

Went to look at three houses yesterday. 
One was totally not what we want (run-down, smells like dog), one I quite like but Andrew's not quite satisfied with (it's older and on the smaller side). And, there's one that we both like, though, I'm not completely sold on it. We're going to check out another house tomorrow and we're hoping it'll be everything we want. 

My parents are taking a trip to Hawai'i this week? next week? They had invited us to join them, but we had just decided to start house shopping and to be responsible with our savings declined. Lame. So, now, we get to take them to and from the airport and watch their dogs for 1/2 their trip. heh. 

Not much else going on I guess.
We're both not eating meat (for the most part). Andrew is less strict, but on-board. And, on a whim, we decided to abstain from alcohol for a month. I thought it would be interesting even slightly challenging, but it's been so easy it's almost boring. We even went to a bar to play pool and just drank water. I wasn't even tempted to get an alcoholic drink. So, I guess it's interesting still, but not in the way I thought it would be.
Other than that, saving money and looking for houses. At first, we were open to a house that needed a little work. And, actually, we're still open to it, but less so. Now we're leaning more and more toward a house that doesn't need an immediate investment. We just want to move into a house and only worry about buying furniture and landscaping plants. ;)

I'm really looking forward to the end of the month... For one thing it's Andrew's birthday! His 30th! birthday! He doesn't really want a party so we're going out to dinner on the actual day and again during the weekend with drinks following (our no alcohol month will be over by then), and I suppose a family get together, too. Time to buy presents! :D
I'm also really looking forward to a couple concerts we're going to. One is Mindless Self Indulgence in Seattle... I'm going to take some time off work so we can stay the night in Seattle and do whatever in town the day after. Yay! Mini-Seattle Trip. If all goes well, we'll couch surf that night which would be extra fun. 
Then, on the 30th, back in Portland, we're going to see Orgy!! I am SO excited for this. I listened to Orgy a ton when I was in High School and still love them. Eeeee!!
*calms down*

So, yeah, some big things on the horizon. 
Tags: 30th, birthday, dad, ginger, hawai'i, houses, mindless self indulgence, mom, orgy, roxie, seattle
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