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Weekend Report:
Friday we stayed up too late drinking whisky. Like we fell asleep with the light on. :-/
Saturday we ate breakfast outside at the picnic table because it was just so nice out! It seems like things are kinda, sorta starting to warm up a bit. 
Then, we hopped in the car and checked out a house that is just down the road from us. We kinda fell in love with it. 
It has a lot of potential... Yes, that means, there is a lot of work to be done. Apparently the house was abandoned. 
We couldn't get inside, but we peeked in all the windows. It's certainly not perfect, but we think it could be pretty great. 
After that, we went out to Andrew's parents' house to drop-off/pick-up a couple things. Then, homeward.

We have no idea what the steps to buying a house are... Like, get loan approval then, find a place? Find a place, then, see about a loan? Etc. But, no matter, we rushed right in with Andrew calling the real estate agent. We have an appointment to check out the inside on Wed. heh. 

Sunday, we went by the house again. The main goal was to see how noisy the road traffic is in the back yard (it's along 99th St.).
It faded the love we felt, but not fully. We really want to check out the inside (to see how much work needs to be done) and decide how much the road noise would bother us or not. We're trying to not get to far ahead of ourselves... but we're bad at it. 

After that, we went to By the Bottle for the chili cook-off. It was fun, but crazy crowded! 
Saw Annie there, but there was really no way to chat. But, we did meet-up w/Jess and Dan. (It was less crowded by the time they arrived) So, we all hung-out a bit while using up our beer sample tickets. Home after that. Did our taxes, started a movie, dreamed about buying a house. 

Talked to Mom, too. She can't make it to the tour Wed. but she said she could come over Thur. to check it out. I'm really curious to see what she thinks of the places and recommends. (She was a real estate agent for basically all my childhood)
So, yeah, exciting stuff! Lots of things to consider... and money to save. 
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